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 Welcome to the Red Sea Hospital


For almost 10 years, the mission of the Red Sea Hospital has been to bring together the best in medical practices to provide high quality healthcare to members of the Red Sea Governorate and international communities residing and visiting the Red Sea.

Thanks to its advanced-technology equipment, the competency of its staff, and quality management system the Red Sea Hospital offers all the advantages of a large medical center in a personalized setting. The Hospital physicians and healthcare personnel provide patients with attentive care in a calm and comfortable environment.

At Red Sea Hospital, we strive to provide the best possible health care. We are well known for combining the latest technology in healthcare with high standards of compassionate medical and nursing allied healthcare.


This booklet will provide information about the organization, structure and activities of the Red Sea Hospital. For additional information on any particular subject, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Organization Leadership
Hospital Mission
providing medical services with unparalleled quality that fulfills international healthcare standards for both residents & visitors to the Red Sea Territory
Based on
customer satisfaction & continual improvement
And International standards of hospital quality of care

Red Sea Hospital Board 


The Board of the Red Sea Hospital provides overall political and strategic direction for the Hospital.

The Board is headed by Dr. Mohamed Samy Gomaa a prominent member of the community and the most senior surgeon in the Red Sea Governorate . The Board of the Red Sea Hospital includes medical, financial, administrative and marketing business executives. The Board Members dedicate all their knowledge and experience to benefit the Hospital. 


Red Sea Hospital Staff
Our staff is very keen to meet our patients' needs, and we strive to provide excellence in all areas of our service delivery.

Patients at the Red Sea Hospital benefit from all the advantages of a large, multidisciplinary medical center in the context of the.

Map to Red Sea Hospital
Our staff is very keen to meet our patients' needs, and we strive to provide excellence in all areas of our service delivery.

Financial information
If you would like information about the cost of being hospitalized at the Red Sea Hospital.

Quality initiative
The Hospital constantly strives to improve the quality of its care; to further this; its physicians must comply with strictly defined standards.

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